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We have a little bit of time

With no horses on the property, the covered riding area seems just right for day retreat workshops-in-the-round. It looks small, but really two school buses could... [more]


Green Living Journal

In its Winter Issue, the great new online journal, The Curator (based in New York City)  will publish an interview with Margaret on the seed for CLEAN GREEN STUDIOS.


Imago Dei Spotlight

We are being spotlighted by Imago Dei Community, as a for-profit business with a missional focus. CLEAN GREEN STUDIOS took the HOT SEAT at the Portland Starve Ups... [more]


Our tagline tells you what CLEAN GREEN STUDIOS is passionate about: green product design with the world in mind.

This year we have been working with a top advisory board, which includes consultants in sustainable architecture and energy, as well as in issues of social justice.


Check out our green products:

1. Hope Studios, creative, affordable backyard structures for many uses.*
2. Hope Shelters, sustainable dwellings for people in developing nations.

And read about our


At Clean Green Studios, we balance sustainability and affordability, so green products can be used by everyone.


We have more green design ideas for home and commercial use, in the United States and abroad. Check back here for information on our upcoming products.


*A HOPE STUDIO is not sold as a dwelling or office in the United States. But we believe everyone could use a backyard retreat that reminds them of their favorite treehouse.