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Click through the images to the right. You'll see the architectural renderings for the interior and exterior of a Hope Studio retreat.

It's a sustainable, affordable 120-sq. ft. shell for a professionally designed backyard structure that can be built in less than a week. Think of it as that creative backyard space you've wanted ever since you outgrew your treehouse.

With its French doors, galvanized steel siding, large windows, storage loft and rain catchment, HOPE STUDIO is a green-built retreat you can use for woodworking, the arts, exercise, relaxation and entertaining a few friends.*

What makes it sustainable? We chose materials with high recycled content and health-conscious finishes.

  • Galvanized steel siding is a green alternative to all-wood structures.
  • Insulation and interior siding are made with recycled content.
  • Clay tiles act as natural floor insulators.
  • Rain catchment system lets you water your landscape around the studio.

HOPE STUDIO (TM) retreat construction plans ($595) include detailed blueprints, renderings and a contractor's list of building supplies. When you order here, full-sized construction documents will be quickly shipped to your street address. Since we like to keep things local, we have limited most of the supplies to those that can be found in your neighborhood building supply store.


Buy a HOPE STUDIO plan, and we will send a HOPE SHELTER
plan (as soon as it’s available) to a non-profit house-building organization in
developing nations. If you purchase HOPE STUDIO construction plans, we will send HOPE SHELTER plans to help build a home for a family in a developing nation. Offer good for a limited time.

Order construction documents here for HOPE STUDIO (TM) retreat.

*At only 120 square feet, a HOPE STUDIO is not sold as a dwelling or office in the United States. As a creative backyard structure, it does not require a building permit in many areas. But you'll want to hire a licensed contractor and check on permits, zoning and other requirements. See Terms and Conditions. If some sustainable materials are not yet available in your building supply store, ask your licensed contractor for options. If you're interested in finding out more, let us know by email.

Purchasing plans for your Hope Studio

Construction documents include a set of full-sized blueprints for one 120-square-foot Hope Studio (TM) retreat, with renderings. Documents are professionally printed on recycled paper and will be delivered promptly after your order is approved.

2 FOR 1 PLAN: For a limited time, at no extra cost to you, after you purchase one HOPE STUDIO plan, we'll send a HOPE SHELTER plan (when available) to a non-profit house-building organization to help build a dwelling in a developing nation. Offer good for a limited time. Thanks for your support!

$595. + shipping/handling


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Hope Studio



Terms and Conditions

10.13.08 rev.

The construction documents for Hope Studio TM retreats are copyright of Clean Green Studios LLC. The purchase of a set of plans includes the authorization to build one 120-square-foot Hope Studio TM retreat for personal use.

Your purchase of plans is non-refundable, and a full set of plans must be purchased for each additional Hope Studio TM retreat built. The construction of a Hope Studio TM retreat without a purchased set of plans for that particular project is a violation of federal copyright law.

The purchase of a set of plans does not include the right to distribute copies of the plans to others, except as required for completion of your individual project for one 120-s.f. unit. In addition, Clean Green Studios LLC reserves the rights to any and all derivative works.

If you are interested in building multiple Hope Studio TM retreat structures for profit, please contact us directly. We are happy to negotiate licensing arrangements for builders, architects, and others.

Plans are sold as is, with no warranties expressed or implied. By way of example, but not limitation, Clean Green Studios makes no representations or warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. To the extent we have provided estimated building costs, please understand these are simply estimates and are not guarantees of project costs. By purchasing the plans, you agree that Clean Green Studios LLC is not responsible for any costs incurred.

Please note the plans for Hope Studio TM retreat are not sold as blueprints for dwellings or offices in the United States. They are sold as backyard retreats for uses such as woodworking, exercise and the making of art, music and writing. The plans have not been checked for compliance with any particular codes or conditions in your area, including the determination of whether a building permit will be required. You will need to contact your local building official to determine what regulations apply.

Clean Green Studios LLC strongly recommends that you obtain the services of a licensed contractor. For supplies not readily available at your building supply store, check with your contractor for options.

The purchase of a set of plans includes up to one half-hour of telephone or email support during normal business hours in Oregon. Additional time is available at $100/hour.

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