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Clean Green Studios LLC started in 2007 with a seed of an idea in Portland, Oregon. The idea came from a desire to create sustainable housing for people in developing nations.

Since then, the company has not lost its core vision — to shelter the homeless — but it has branched out into a mission to design affordable green products that help the world spin smoothly.

How will we manage these big notions? By combining sustainability with social justice. We started with construction plans for two professionally designed, sustainable structures:


  1. Hope Studios, creative backyard studio space.
  2. Hope Shelters, dwellings for people in developing nations.


For a limited time, we’ll be offering a 2 FOR 1 PLAN. When you buy construction plans for a Hope Studio, we'll send plans for a Hope Shelter to a non-profit that builds houses in developing nations.

And we’ll be adding more green products soon, so check back often.



Margaret [Smith] Kellermann — CEO and creative director — has worked in social justice and design for more than 20 years. A list of projects includes helping restore C.S. Lewis’ home in England, redesigning a center for survivors of child sexual abuse in Oregon, helping build a daycare center in Mexico, and consulting on interior design for a community church in Ireland. She is the author of six books. 



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When you email us, let us know in your subject line if you're interested in

Hope Studios

Hope Shelters